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Sunday, February 21, 2016 halloween town

    Dress: Urban Outfitters (S/O)  // Vest: Topshop (similar) // Boots: Zara (S/O)
Every time I wear this dress I get one of two compliments:
"That's a cute dress, you kind of look like a witch, though."
"You look like you're trying to be Marnie from Halloween Town"
Either way, I'm perfectly content with looking like something supernatural.  Plus, from what I remember, Marnie had a dope wardrobe with ponchos and lots of velvet.  Just some points to ponder...
Although it's still winter and blah out, I'm trying to find out ways to spice up my every day outfits but still keep warm.  With it being somewhat mild out (by that I mean you won't get frostbite if you expose your ankles,) I've been reaching for my faux fur vest a lot to create dimension to a normal outfit and make it look fancier than it is.  It seems to be paying off when indoors and it's much less restricting than a sweater.
The dress itself is a beautiful rust color with delicate navy blue vines and blooms adorning it. I was really proud when I picked this number up in the fall and strayed away from my usual palette of black and white--being somewhat adventurous paid off! Although I love to stick to my usual outfit of jeans, cardigan and a blanket scarf, sometimes it's nice to dress up for a change.
Hope you all are having a lovely lazy Sunday! I'm baking pupcakes for my dog Hobson today to celebrate him turning 1.  I think I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested ;)

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