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Friday, March 27, 2015 It's a stripe off

Shirt: American Apparel // Fur + Jeans: Topshop— here + here // Boots: Zara—similiar // Fedora: Brandy Melville— similiar

I am feelin' some sort of crazy these days. 

With senior sem coming to a close, all my exams piling up and the realization that graduation is a few months away (GAH) picking out my outfits has been one of the easiest decisions.  I've been going for comfort a lot, especially in monochrome tones because honestly, I don't feel peppy so why dress it. Especially when I'm stuck in a computer lab most of the time.  My life sounds pretty sad right now, doesn't it? I can assure you I'm trying to lift my mood with various forms of chocolate... 

But enough about my bitter mood these days and more about what I'm wearing. I paired this extremely comfy men's American Apparel striped long sleeve with my favorite Jamie jeans from Topshop (seriously, they are amazing and the comfiest jeans ever) because I wanted to do a more casual everyday outfit with a little bit of pizazz which is why I added the fur vest and fedora at some points! Stripes for me are always a go-to because they add dimension to any outfit while still being form-flattering and appealing.

A couple days ago it was in the upper 40s and I literally almost lost it I was so excited. My spirit was lifted and I had a sudden burst of energy leading Juliana and I to take some outfits pics while we were filming for our project.  If you are intrigued by what we are doing, check it  out, here.

Hope everyone is truckin' along! Spring is in sight finally! Stay lovely and take some time for yourselves xx

and just for a laugh...
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