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Friday, March 27, 2015 It's a stripe off

Shirt: American Apparel // Fur + Jeans: Topshop— here + here // Boots: Zara—similiar // Fedora: Brandy Melville— similiar

I am feelin' some sort of crazy these days. 

With senior sem coming to a close, all my exams piling up and the realization that graduation is a few months away (GAH) picking out my outfits has been one of the easiest decisions.  I've been going for comfort a lot, especially in monochrome tones because honestly, I don't feel peppy so why dress it. Especially when I'm stuck in a computer lab most of the time.  My life sounds pretty sad right now, doesn't it? I can assure you I'm trying to lift my mood with various forms of chocolate... 

But enough about my bitter mood these days and more about what I'm wearing. I paired this extremely comfy men's American Apparel striped long sleeve with my favorite Jamie jeans from Topshop (seriously, they are amazing and the comfiest jeans ever) because I wanted to do a more casual everyday outfit with a little bit of pizazz which is why I added the fur vest and fedora at some points! Stripes for me are always a go-to because they add dimension to any outfit while still being form-flattering and appealing.

A couple days ago it was in the upper 40s and I literally almost lost it I was so excited. My spirit was lifted and I had a sudden burst of energy leading Juliana and I to take some outfits pics while we were filming for our project.  If you are intrigued by what we are doing, check it  out, here.

Hope everyone is truckin' along! Spring is in sight finally! Stay lovely and take some time for yourselves xx

and just for a laugh...
Check out Juju's blog here

Monday, March 16, 2015 Looks I loved // Paris Fashion Week

With Paris Fashion Week being over, I thought I would recap my favorite outfits I saw from scrolling through Instagram (even though I wish I could have been there in person!)

I really love a minimalist aesthetic that centers around beautiful pieces in black, white or navy and Paris happens to be a place that is notorious for their chic simplicity. Maybe that is why I was destined to love their street style better than any in the states.  I was struck with complete envy knowing that I was stuck couch-side while these bloggers went gallivanting through one of the most magical cities. Anyhoo...lets leave my bitterness aside and focus on the fashion.

WeWoreWhat with her new denim boy bag from Chanel
Lisa Dengler from Just-Another
Chiara, from the Blonde Salad, draped in a delicate floral dream of a Valentino dress for his show.
Some elegant dresses and gorgeous snaps from PFW through Vogue- check them out here

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 the lo-down on layers

Jacket: similiar here // Dress + Sweater: Brandy Melville here + here // Scarf: UO, different color here 

This upper 40 degree weather has me all like the salsa emoji mixed with the praising one.  Sounds silly, but it's true... And I don't even regret describing my mood like that.
Honestly, I'm sleep-deprived and running on empty so excuse me if this post makes no sense. It's almost spring break!! Woo!
Looking to take a break from class and campus, Mazzy, Juliana, and I decided to go into the Winooski circle for a mid-day coffee break at a new cafĂ©, Scout & Co.  Definitely check it out if you have the time... It's filled with beautiful bubble lights and baby succulents adorning every table. Although I complain about not getting off campus enough (I typically get stuck in an endless slump of  homework and acting like a grandma), I was happy that we made the effort to be a teeny bit adventurous!
With the weather being warmer, I took its cue to ditch my parka and swap it for my light wash denim leather-sleeved jacket that I rarely get to rock.  Although it was a bit chilly when the sun got blocked by clouds, it was refreshing to be outside and not worrying about getting frost nip (it's a real thing, no joke). Paired with my go-to Brandy Melville Alena dress and my favorite brushed plaid scarf , it was the perfect transition outfit.
Hope you are all enjoying the almost spring-ish weather! Try to avoid all the mud puddles. Stay lovely xx

*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, March 7, 2015 dress over jeans

Blazer: Missguided // Dress + Jeans: UO (jeans, here ; dress Sold Out)  // Boots: Zara (similar, here)

   Can't decide between wearing a dress or pulling on jeans? Why not both?

   A couple months back I saw WeWoreWhat drape a long silk dress over skinny jeans with angled booties and I have to say, I loved the look. So, I decided to take her cue and now I am obsessed. I didn't want too much length because I am quite short, so I borrowed Evyn's flouncy plum bohemian dress that hits around  mid-thigh and paired it with my favorite jeans from Urban. After adding in a little suede fringe to spice it up, this was the final outfit!

   We've only had a couple of days over 30 degrees but to me it feels like I'm in the Bahamas (joking, but also not). I hope this can serve as some warm weather inspiration or even better: it inspires you to rock the dress over jeans look!

    Special thanks to Maria Weber for being my fashion photographer for this shoot. The pictures are lovely :)