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Sunday, January 4, 2015 Back to the future


    A new year filled with new experiences, places, people, travels and has even been mentioned in my favorite flick: Back to the Future. It's a year that I scribbled on my entry forms to college, not even comprehending that one day it would be here and I would be graduating.  But, as much as I like a fresh start, I'm a bit hesitant to leave this year behind because it is one very close to my heart. It's the one that gave me London back.

    One year ago exactly I was in Heathrow Airport attempting not throw up and fighting the jet lag that was setting in as I made camp in a booth at Costa Coffee.  Through the turbulence, nausea, and customs line, I made it to London. This is not a city that I just decided to study abroad in half-hazardously, but had planned on coming back to since I was ten. After one family trip in 6th grade, I was sold. That's where my love affair with London started.

    The six months I spent there were indescribable. From going to a British university to travelling to 7 different countries, the amount of joy, discoveries and love I found was incredible and completely my own. I don't think any of my friends other than Emily ( my roommate in London/ travel-partner in crime) know how much that place means to me and how hard it is that I'm not going back. I was better there. A happier, more creative, lighter person than I find myself to be in America. But anyways, this post is to reflect some of last year's highlights in some snapshots.

Enjoy the pictures below!


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