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Friday, December 26, 2014 Lush

    This week I guess I  was a bit naughty and decided to congratulate myself for getting straight A's (and trudging through this semester) with some little bath time treats and a scarf I had my eye on for a while which went on sale! As you probably already noticed, I am a longtime customer/ fanatic of Urban Outfitters and always love to mix and match their pieces. Perfect for styling or making a statement, Urban always seems to create unique concepts and clothing, two things which are ideal when looking toward trends. Straying away from clothes, which is almost impossible for me to do, I walked into the world of bath bombs and body butters and I have to say- I'm hooked.  
    As a company, Lush has it going on. They fight against animal testing, use natural ingredients, and everything in the store smells incredible. Plus, the employees who work there are super outgoing and are eager to help you find whatever it is you might be looking for; which is prime for a person like me who gets slightly overwhelmed and ends up buying the first thing they see or walking out in a daze.
    These little guys are called "Bath Bombs" and they are honestly pure pieces of magic. I swear. Not only do they smell good but they moisturize your skin, soften your bath water, have no added chemicals, and turn your bath different colors!  I'd be lying if I didn't say that I've been trying to find more ways to take baths and stock up on some of the holiday goodies before they are gone. Below you can find the ones I bought and I'm sure I'll put a review of them up soon! Cheers! xx

(From left to right)

Shoot for the Stars- According to the Lush website, this bath bomb has a sweet honey-toffee scent and provides out of this world baths!  Also, I read that it releases tiny stars and turns your bath into a night sky.

Space Girl- Not only is the appearance of this one extremely cool, but apparently it fizzes around your bath like it's in orbit. Smelling of black currant (a British fav) and just pure overall yumminess, this bath with turn a dark plum like a midnight sky and give the sensation that your bath tub is actually in space.

Golden Wonder- Ok, this one is by far my favorite. Tanya Burr on one of her Christmas vlogs put this in her bath and the water turned to gold at first but then as the bath bomb dissolves, different parts of the present become unveiled and there are different color layers to it! And there is an added bonus of little gold stars that pop out of the present and swim around the bath. It's basically like opening a surprise present! Not only is the appearance gorgeous but the scent is fresh and citrus-y.

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