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Tuesday, November 25, 2014 tim's look // a little bit of London

    Veering off from my standard outfits posts, this week I tackled the world of menswear in my style column for my college newspaper.  Professor's were pushing me to steer away from my typical approach and try something I was more uncomfortable with.  Little did they know, menswear and the trends it follows is one of my specialties! Especially with my friend Tim around.
    Some say he's the best dressed guy on campus, and I can't help but agree. He takes professionalism to a new level and always dresses the part, whether it's in turtlenecks and tweed or with a gold little bow-tie.  I'm also quite fond of this column in particular because I got to reminisce about my time abroad in London; there is nothing better than British men... nothing (well, maybe except for Cadbury Oreo bars.) Check the article out here if you're so inclined: menswear

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