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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 style crush // clueless cher

    If you were wondering who I turn to when I am feeling fashionably-inept, it's Cher.  From plaid skirts to sheer shirts and knee highs, I am a true 90s girl when getting dressed in the morning. My favorite thing about this movie, aside from the life-changing quotes (As if!), is the style of clothing itself, including one of my favorites: the crop-top. 
    Flattering yet cutting-edge, I've always found a shorter top and high-waisted jeans give the illusion that my legs go on for miles (they don't) and always leave me feeling like a boss (always true.) Still to this day I dream of owning Brittany Murphy's cropped hunter green sweater and matching plaid mini skirt, and I hopefully one day I can find it! But until then I will live vicariously through my favorite 90s chick flick. Lately, I've been finding myself wanting one of those computers that could match my clothes and create an awesome outfit like Cher in Clueless, but alas, I guess I am roughing it until finals week. Potential Christmas gift? Probably not. Stay lovely everyone and have a great holiday! xx

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