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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 cheeky holiday cheer // burberry

    As a young girl who grew up binge-watching The Parent Trap and Wallace & Gromit, my love for all things British has become borderline obsessive over the years...And yes, that even includes the Spice Girls. I know, I'm a cliché. Burberry is one of my all-time favorite designers and it might be because it is  the quintessential British staple and that the checked scarves scream "class" in a way no scarf has ever done before.  Along with being one of my favorite designers, I always turn to Burberry for inspiration whether it be in winter or in spring—the team behind the classic trench is always innovative and nothing short of spectacular. 
   This holiday short, called "From London With Love," features Romeo Beckham (yes, Posh Spice's baby boy!) and is so close to capturing Christmas that I can practically hear sleigh bells ringing and smell the pine from our newly cut tree. Decked out in golden dresses with ethereal snowfall, majestic dancing and little beige boxes with massive holiday ribbons, this video encompassed everything I love about Christmas and even reminded me of one of my favorite Christmassy films, Love Actually.  If you haven't seen the short yet, you can view it on Burberry. 

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