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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 cheeky holiday cheer // burberry

    As a young girl who grew up binge-watching The Parent Trap and Wallace & Gromit, my love for all things British has become borderline obsessive over the years...And yes, that even includes the Spice Girls. I know, I'm a cliché. Burberry is one of my all-time favorite designers and it might be because it is  the quintessential British staple and that the checked scarves scream "class" in a way no scarf has ever done before.  Along with being one of my favorite designers, I always turn to Burberry for inspiration whether it be in winter or in spring—the team behind the classic trench is always innovative and nothing short of spectacular. 
   This holiday short, called "From London With Love," features Romeo Beckham (yes, Posh Spice's baby boy!) and is so close to capturing Christmas that I can practically hear sleigh bells ringing and smell the pine from our newly cut tree. Decked out in golden dresses with ethereal snowfall, majestic dancing and little beige boxes with massive holiday ribbons, this video encompassed everything I love about Christmas and even reminded me of one of my favorite Christmassy films, Love Actually.  If you haven't seen the short yet, you can view it on Burberry. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 tim's look // a little bit of London

    Veering off from my standard outfits posts, this week I tackled the world of menswear in my style column for my college newspaper.  Professor's were pushing me to steer away from my typical approach and try something I was more uncomfortable with.  Little did they know, menswear and the trends it follows is one of my specialties! Especially with my friend Tim around.
    Some say he's the best dressed guy on campus, and I can't help but agree. He takes professionalism to a new level and always dresses the part, whether it's in turtlenecks and tweed or with a gold little bow-tie.  I'm also quite fond of this column in particular because I got to reminisce about my time abroad in London; there is nothing better than British men... nothing (well, maybe except for Cadbury Oreo bars.) Check the article out here if you're so inclined: menswear

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 style crush // clueless cher

    If you were wondering who I turn to when I am feeling fashionably-inept, it's Cher.  From plaid skirts to sheer shirts and knee highs, I am a true 90s girl when getting dressed in the morning. My favorite thing about this movie, aside from the life-changing quotes (As if!), is the style of clothing itself, including one of my favorites: the crop-top. 
    Flattering yet cutting-edge, I've always found a shorter top and high-waisted jeans give the illusion that my legs go on for miles (they don't) and always leave me feeling like a boss (always true.) Still to this day I dream of owning Brittany Murphy's cropped hunter green sweater and matching plaid mini skirt, and I hopefully one day I can find it! But until then I will live vicariously through my favorite 90s chick flick. Lately, I've been finding myself wanting one of those computers that could match my clothes and create an awesome outfit like Cher in Clueless, but alas, I guess I am roughing it until finals week. Potential Christmas gift? Probably not. Stay lovely everyone and have a great holiday! xx

Saturday, November 15, 2014 brogues and bleachers

(Sweater and Scarf: Urban| Shirt: Gap| Brogues: Office UK|Dress: H&M)

    Last week there was a reunion dinner for former orientation leaders at my college and I was handed a certificate with a superlative saying: "Most European Style." Needless to say, it brought a huge grin to my face and made me quite depressed that I am no longer living in London, but I like to think that it still shows in the way I dress. I felt like being a bit fancy this week so I paired a collared dress shirt from Gap with a new fluffy scarf from Urban (I've been browsing there way too much lately!) and put on my favorite brogues from London. It feels like just yesterday I was on Carnaby Street picking out those brogues. Ah, this post is making me so nostaglic. But anyways hope your weekends are off to a good start and stay lovely everyone! xx

Friday, November 14, 2014 girl crush // Taylor Swift

Although it may not be Woman Crush Wednesday, I'm taking some time out of my Friday night to talk about how obsessed I am with Taylor Swift right now.  From her 80s themed album to her kick ass new video about her twisted media persona, I have found myself just trying to bring up reasons to mention her in conversation. You might even say I'm a Swift-enthusiast. One of my favorite parts of her new video "Blank Space" aside from all the elegant outfit changes was the part where she loses her shit and starts causing mayhem.  Perfection.  Also, the videography and video concept were A+. Go check it out here if you haven't see it yet! Slay Tay, slaaaaaaay.

Thursday, November 6, 2014 Ponchos

 (Poncho: Free People| Top and Scarf: UO| Jeans: Topshop| Brogues: Office)

With November in full swing and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'm not gunna lie about my post-autumn depression.  One of my favorite things about this season is curling up with a good book and a cup of chai while I watch the leaves change outside my window.  But to be honest, the trees are looking pretty bleak right now and with senioritis kicking in, its a lose-lose.  On the brighter side of things, I found this soft, blanket-like poncho at Free People for only $58!!! Practically a steal! It's been one of my favorite pieces to pair with loose dresses and tights, or over jeans and a long sleeve to stay warm and still look a bit fashion forward. If you haven't hopped on the poncho train, read my article here where I describe how wonderful they are.
(Photos by: Juliana)