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Monday, October 13, 2014 The Golden Hour

(Cardigan, Shirt, Scarf, and Beanie: Urban Outfitters|Jeans and Backpack: Topshop|Boots: Modcloth| Rings: AE & Chloe and Isabelle)
Feeling Fall-ish? So have I! My days have been filled to the brim with spiced chai lattes in glass mason jars and cosying up in fluffy cloud-like scarves from dawn until dusk.  Although senior year is a train going full speed ahead, I've had some time to wander deep into the woods and breathe in some fresh pine-filled air. Earth tones and a deep maroon have been my fall favorites lately, so from my OPI nail polish to my well-worn Leigh jeans, I have been taking cues from nature to match my mood. Also how cute are these rose-gold rings? It's the perfect in between ring color if you aren't feeling a stark silver or a bold gold. Stay tuned for more outfits and stay lovely. xx

(Photo by: Juliana Summers)

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