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Monday, October 13, 2014 The Golden Hour

(Cardigan, Shirt, Scarf, and Beanie: Urban Outfitters|Jeans and Backpack: Topshop|Boots: Modcloth| Rings: AE & Chloe and Isabelle)
Feeling Fall-ish? So have I! My days have been filled to the brim with spiced chai lattes in glass mason jars and cosying up in fluffy cloud-like scarves from dawn until dusk.  Although senior year is a train going full speed ahead, I've had some time to wander deep into the woods and breathe in some fresh pine-filled air. Earth tones and a deep maroon have been my fall favorites lately, so from my OPI nail polish to my well-worn Leigh jeans, I have been taking cues from nature to match my mood. Also how cute are these rose-gold rings? It's the perfect in between ring color if you aren't feeling a stark silver or a bold gold. Stay tuned for more outfits and stay lovely. xx

(Photo by: Juliana Summers)

Flannels in the Forest

(Flannel and Scarf: Urban Outfitters | Boots: Aldo)
With the cold crisp mornings and the lack of heat in my townhouse, I've been opting for my warmest pieces, including this new flannel from Urban which my Mumma bought me when she was visiting.  It's cropped at the waist in the front and longer in the back which makes it a perfect pair with leggings, warm socks and boots. Ultimately, this is my go-to asemble. Who doesn't want to stay cosy?
(Photo by: Juliana Summers, check out her blog here)